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Upcoming Event

Upcoming Event

A fun activity – for Bangalore school students during Summer Vacation.

About Us

Mobility India, is celebrating the 25th year of serving People with Disabilities.

The Disability Act of 1995 is now India’s new Law on Disability including The Rights of People with Disabilities Act 2016 and The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Rules 2017.

In order to awaken awareness and compassion in school students, one of the programmes by Mobility India, for this year of celebration, is requesting school students, during their holidays,  to make a Poster on : ‘How to include Students or People with Disabilities their Schools or Community’. 

Points to Ponder

  • The Art work could be in any medium of their choice, pencil, charcoal, crayons, paint or any other. Ideally students from class 6th to 10th to participate, but it is open to ALL school students.
  • During the summer vacations, the students may discuss this topic with their parents, neighbours people with disabilities, or visit organizations, read books and search for creative ideas.
  • Student must do the art work themselves, as they may be asked to draw something later. Students whose posters are selected will be requested to explain what their picture means.
  • The posters should be brought back to their schools by the students by 7th June 2019.  
  • Each school may select the best 25 posters to be given to Mobility India by 15th June. Mobility India will assess these posters for content, clarity and colouring. The posters selected will be displayed on Mobility India’s Website, Facebook and at a special function on a date that will be communicated later.
  • The Student submitting Picture Posters should write his or her Name, Class and School name behind their Posters for identification.

Thank you for your participation and collaboration with us. Have a safe and happy summer vacation!