FAQ List

Q.1: I have one subject backlog in 12th Standard, Am I eligible to do this course? 


Q.2: I have passed 12th standard 10 years ago, now I would like to continue my studies in Prosthetics and Orthotics field and make P & O as my career. Am I eligible to do this course? Is there any upper age limit?

Yes, you could admit for the course.

Q.3: As I’m already employed in a company without formal Prosthetics and Orthotics training, Is there any possibility of studying this course online or correspondence? 

This option is not available at present

Q.4: I am physical challenged! Am I eligible to join this course? 

You can. The applicant upper limb (hands) should be strong enough and self-     confidence to undergo this training programme. 40% of our graduates are physical challenged. However you have to undergo assessment by our rehabilitation team 

Q.5: Is there any entry examination to join the course?

Yes, applicant should appear for the entrance examination. It is compulsory to have been passed to become eligible for taking admission for the course. 

Q.6: Do applicant get hostel facility at Mobility India campus during study? 

Mobility India has limited beds for male and female students at campus. First preference will be given to person with disability. It is provided subject to availability of beds and also first come first serve basis. Mobility India owns a canteen. Hence student should opt for hostel and food package together at campus. Only hostel facility will not be chosen.

Q.7: As I’m married person, is it possible to stay with my family during study? 

Yes, You can. You take a house on lease or rent outside the campus and stay with family. For assistance, you should request administration department. 

Q.8: Is it necessary for the applicant to have English spoken classes certificate? 

As media of instruction is English, if applicant is not fluent in English (Reading, writing and Speaking), it is compulsory 

Q.9: what is the complete course fee to study the course? 

 send the mail to academic@mobility-india.org or call 080-26492222/4444

Q.10: Whether applicant receive any monthly allowance during the study? 

School will not provide any allowance during study. In case of sponsor student, it is optional and to be determined by the sponsor/parent organisation. 

Q.11: Does course fee covers travel expenses (home town to school and school to home town)? 

Tuition fee does not cover the travel expenses. It should be borne by the students/parent organisation/sponsor 

Q.12: Does student cover under insurance during the study? 

Student will cover under accident and Medical insurance. It is paid compulsory 

Q.13: How do I do the fees payment? 

Course fees could be paid either in cash/DD/ through bank remittance. For bank remittance, write a mail to academic@mobility-india.org requesting bank details. Course fees should be paid before classes begin. 

Q.14:  Does Mobility India has placement for the successful graduates? 


Q.15: To whom we need to contact for further communication? 

Academic Manager, Mobility India, 1st and 1st “A” cross, J.P.Nagar 2nd Phase, Bangalore-560078, Karnataka and India

Q.16: How does deserved applicant need to contact the Academic Manager? 

Send the post for above mentioned address or send the mail to academic@mobility-india.org or call 080-26492222/4444 


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