We have an excellent track record of delivering successful partnerships with corporates.  We associate with corporates who volunteer to spend time with our children in the community, support our cause at public events and engage with us in CSR activities.


Payroll giving & Matched giving: As a corporate you can choose to demonstrate your company’s commitment to social responsibility through payroll giving, or direct donations from your pay or company; and matched giving, wherein you match your employees’ efforts of RAISING MONEY by pledging to match part or full money they raise for us. You can get tax relief on all your donations.


Your staff members can choose to assist our team in their activities in the community and the centre. This may involve helping children with disability with their learning activities, involving in some fun and games, or just a simple act of choosing to spend time interacting with them.

You can choose to involve yourself in teaching our students/trainees in English language, communication, maths, IT, and other soft skills that will equip our students/ trainees who are often from small towns or rural backgrounds to adapt well to the work culture.

Sponsor a programme

In addition, as a corporate, you can choose to sponsor some or any of our specific programs on Rehabilitation, Livelihood, Education, or Training.

Support technically

Your staff members can support our organization in developing software or provide IT support which would help the organization to function effectively.

Benefits to your company

Together we can develop partnerships that will not only benefit the poor and the marginalised, but will also give something back to your employees and organization. The benefits of working with MI are:

  • An enhanced corporate image
  • Association with a great cause
  • Tax savings through donations
  • Opportunities to motivate staff, and develop communication, teamwork, and develop skills through volunteering and fundraising events
  • Brand exposure through sponsorship and acknowledgment of your support
  • Social sensitization of your employees

You can implement your CSR activities through us, without having to worry about credentials, quality, and results. If your company is interested in developing an employee participatory process, helping us fundraise/ volunteer with us, or like to involve us in your Corporate Social Responsibility plans, please mail your contact details to fru@mobility-india.org.