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ClickSanyam Bajracharya, Nepal, BPO, Alumni Mobility India

I chose Mobility India because it is the only ISPO accredited school in India. Eventually MI provides multi-national and multi-cultural student friendly environment which is crucial for growth and development of any student. It’s commendable that MI gives its students ample opportunity to do hands-on practise and patient interaction. I got a good opportunity to learn how to work in a professional setup with real rehab professionals. Moreover, MI helped me to prepare for outside professional world.

So far I haven’t seen an institution in India which provides all these facilities under one roof. I’d definitely recommend others to study in MI because here they’ll get a chance to work with rehab professionals in a well-equipped facility. Studying in MI will help them gain a leading edge in their career like it helped me.”

ClickOmar Shawa, Palestine, ISPO CATII, Alumni Mobility India

“Family members and friends from ICRC refer me about Mobility India as they were happy and treated very well at Mobility India. The education quality, fees and the monthly expenses were affordable at Mobility India. The demonstration technique and the practical sessions, were very helpful in the us to apply our knowledge and improve our skills.

MI made me a very confident fresher comparing myself with students from other institutes. During the clinical practice year (3rd year), MI took us to an exposure trip to other clinics in Bangalore and rural areas in overall India. So we as student knew how the professional world looks like outside the institute is. I definitely recommend others to study at MI for the educational quality and the way we got treated as students from our trainers.”

ClickMarzana Shelly, Student, Bangladesh, BPO, Mobility India

“Mobility India is the field of collecting unlimited experience with Mentor and sources. Throughout the 1st to 4th year I have learned and practiced different designs of prosthetics and orthotics appliances. When it is about clinical practice, it’s different than the theory & practical we did for learning. Cause many conditions are having itself so many variables.

I got to see rare cases and did some critical cases. Those already reflected me very well. I can say all those practices and clinical exposure will surely help me to take initiation for the further cases as well as spreading my knowledge in the future.”

ClickSujit Kumar, Student, India, BPO, Mobility India

“My purchase of joining mobility to learn different skills along with my course, and what I know about Mobility India is having a number of faculties with enough theoretically and practically expertise. Mobility India also provides the opportunity to work freely like as staff, which will build up a great conference within him. MI is the best platform to learn the professional skills

I always suggest and refer my friend and family to study in Mobility India”