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  • Started Master’s Degree Program in Prosthetics and Orthotics.
  • WHO- Training in Priority Assistive Product
  • Commendation Award – MGLB Disability Award 2020 Business Excellence Award By Acquisition International, UK


  • Silver Jubilee celebration.
  • National Conference on Assistive Technology 2030. 545 delegates from 27 states & 17 countries.
  • Collaborated with the Department of Education, Government of Karnataka to develop Inclusive Education Teachers Training manual
  • NIPMAN Foundation–Microsoft Equal Opportunity Awards 2019 :Physical Accessibility




  • First piloting of WHO Training in Assistive Products (TAP) of walking aids and reading glasses module
  • Hosted ‘Wheelchair Stakeholders’ Meeting’ organised by USAID, World Learning and International Society of Wheelchair Professionals in Collaboration with WHO.
  • Developed the prototype for India’s first 3D printed weight- bearing assistive devices
  • Kerala Floods – Provision
    of priority assistive products.
  • MI organised State Level Workshop on Assistive Technology


  • State award for ‘The Best Services & Achievement in the Disability Sector for 2017’ by Government of Karnataka
  • Tested efficacy and functionality of the ‘4Bar linkage prosthetic knee joint’ in collaboration with Rehabilitation Research and Device Development Lab, IIT Madras.
  • ‘Rider 1 Wheelchair’ designed to suit rural and rough terrain environments.
  • Developed a high quality affordable stainless steel Standard Orthotic Knee Joint with 130 degrees of knee flexion to accommodate squatting.
  • Contributed to WHO standards for Prosthetic and Orthotics Part 1: Standards Manual and Part 2: Implementation Manual.


  • Operations in Kolkata were discontinued. Initiated Group Play Therapy in the service provision.
  • Training of teachers to strengthen Prosthetic and Orthotic services in underserved areas of Afghanistan.
  • Developed a Pre-Fabricated Twin device for children with developmental delays.
  • Contributed to Priority Assistive Products List (APL) -WHO


  • Established the Inclusive Development Centre in Guwahati, Assam.
  • Revised edition of Rehabilitation Therapy Handbook in English and first edition in Hindi and Bengali launched.



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