The emerging need, seeking innovative solutions and to advance further, Mobility India, in collaboration with The Ohio State University and sponsorship from the United States-India Science and Technology Fund (USISTEF), is organizing an International Conference on Complex REhab Technology (CReaTe) Conference, in Mobility India, Sunder Memorial Hall, Bengaluru on Friday, October 18th, and Saturday, October 19th, 2024.

The conference theme is “Improving access to quality and affordable complex rehab products.” The growing need for complex rehab products and services both in India and globally presents a great opportunity for India to lead the way in designing and developing life-changing and innovative complex rehab approaches.

The conference will include sessions and exhibits, building a network and promoting complex rehab technology to achieve Universal Health Coverage and Sustainable Development Goals for all.

This year marks Mobility India’s 30 years of service in the Inclusive development sector, especially for the well-being of the most vulnerable population.

Join us in making this conference a unique and fulfilling experience for all!