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Inclusive Summer Camp for Children with Disabilities

Inclusive Summer Camp for Children with Disabilities

Mobility India’s CBR programme at Chamrajnagar organised two “Inclusive Summer Camps” for the children in April and May respectively. 112 (32 CwD) children from the surrounding villages participated in the 3-days camp. The main focus of the camp was to create an inclusive environment for CwD and sensitize Children without Disability to disabilities. The secondary purpose of the camp was to create a diverse platform for children to hone various skills like art, personality development and leadership qualities. 

In the camp, children learnt to make Origami, Japanese paper cutting, Scooby wire activity, pot painting. They created beautiful designs on pots while enjoying the activity. Sahana, a girl with Speech & Hearing, outshone in the pot painting activity. Vishnu, a child with Speech & Hearing, enjoyed Scooby wire activity the most and also made bracelets for all the trainers and resource persons as a gesture of kindness. The children also made bands to tie to their friends and had fun.

The 32 CwD were made to lead the divided children groups with help from the tutors. While they led the groups, the children of the respective groups gave them full support to make this step successful. This brought in renewed confidence and leadership skills making them equally-abled. While this was the fun part of the summer camp, the children also had their bit of serious learning. They had a session on “Awareness of Accidents” to educate them about road safety and other important aspects to prevent accidents. All children actively took part in the all the activities.

At the end of the camp, all children emerged as equals with extensive knowledge and awareness gained from the various activities.