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Mobility India (MI), the Bangalore-based disability and development organization, is all set to complete two decades of activities in August. MI, established in 1994, has been promoting inclusive development work by providing education and training programmes in the areas of assistive technology, including prosthetics, orthotics & wheelchairs, rehabilitation therapy, community based rehabilitation and accessibility.  MI has also been providing services related to Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology to facilitate better quality of life for people with disabilities, especially those who are poor and disadvantaged.

MI is organizing its 20th anniversary celebrations at its premises in JP Nagar on Saturday, 2nd August 2014. The whole-day programme, scheduled to commence at 10.30 AM, will be divided into two sessions. The morning session will be mainly devoted to brainstorming on the theme of ‘inclusive development’.  Mr B S Satyanarayana, the Worshipful Mayor of Bangalore has agreed to grace the occasion. Mr A H .Basavaraju, Member of Standing Committee, BBMP and Mr B N Vijay Kumar, MLA of Jayanagar Constituency will also grace the occasion.

The key speakers will include (i) Mr Chapal Khasnabis, Technical Officer, WHO, Geneva, (ii) Dr Gift Norman, Deputy Director, Bangalore Baptist Hospital, (iii) Ms Meera Saksena, Acting Chairperson, Karnataka State Human Rights Commission, and (iv) Ms Marika Millar, Executive Director, Miblou Switzerland.

Another important feature of the morning session will be the presentation of the first Jo Millar Memorial Award to one of the outgoing students of the MI rehabilitation training courses, who has made a mark in academics overcoming barriers. The post-lunch session will comprise of awards and recognitions to staff members along with a cultural programme presented by the MI community.


The large majority of students of Mobility India’s prosthetics, orthotics & rehabilitation therapy courses come from rural India and other low-income countries, and some of them are persons with disabilities. It is, therefore, only natural that these students from economically weak backgrounds have to surmount barriers of various kinds to make their mark in academics. The Jo Millar Award has been instituted by Mobility India in 2014, with the support of Ms. Marika Millar of Miblou, Geneva.

The award will be presented every year to one of the outgoing students of the MI rehabilitation training courses, ‘in recognition of his or her outstanding performance both in academics and in overcoming barriers’. The award is dedicated to the memory of Ms Jo Millar, who was the founder president of Miblou. Miblou financially supports numerous local organizations, who works with people with disabilities in different parts of India.