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Case study 6

Case study 6

Case Study of Farheed Pasha

Farheed Pasha is fifteen years old and stays with his grandmother, parents and two brothers in Yarab Nagar slum in Bangalore.

By birth he suffered from Cerebral Palsy (a condition of brain damage) and Quadriplegia (both the upper and lower limbs are affected). Parents could not see any kind of movement in four months old Farheed which made them worried. One of the community staff identified and referred him to Mobility India.

He was started with physiotherapy and strengthening exercises. Though this could improve Farheed’s condition a bit better, he was completely dependent on his mother and grandmother for day to day activities.

Later he was provided a wheelchair to move around his home and to attend school. Last 5 years he is attending Fame India, a special school. His grandmother says “my boy is very intelligent and good at studies. But he is little shy to meet outside people”. He has also undergone vocational training. He operates a mobile phone well and can handle currency notes through counting.

Recently he received a new wheelchair as he outgrew the old one. With a wide smile Farheed expresses “I really like this new wheelchair. I feel comfortable in it”.