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Case study 5

Case study 5

Dhrakshayani Owns an Enterprise

Thirty four year old Dhrakshayani hails from Jigani, Anekal Taluk. She belongs to a family of six members. Her husband suffers from congenital disability and stays at home due to difficulty in sitting or standing for long hours.

Due to Post-Polio Residual Paralysis, she found it extremely difficult to walk. She received a wheelchair from MI. During the interaction with MI, she expressed interest in starting a small business of her own. From the Panchayat office she received a sum of Rs. 20000, with which she set up a flour mill.
Now she is happy with her new enterprise, a proud bread winner for her family. She also avails the pension scheme for physically challenged. “MI gave me the guidance and motivation to start this small business at my home. Everybody is at home is happy too” says Dhrakshayani with a sense of fulfilment.