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Case study 3

Case study 3

Mohammed Mazz

Mohammed Mazz, now a ten year old boy, had delayed development since birth due to Cerebral Palsy. His family hails from Yarab Nagar, Bangalore from a low income strata. The household needs are entirely dependent on the daily wage obtained by his father.

He was referred to MI in 2009, and though he was then four years old, he could hardly sit or stand independently. To address this concern, Standing Frame and Ankle Foot Orthosis was provided.

He was able to stand upright with wall support with the use of the devices and regular therapy for two years. The next goal was to make him walk with support, for which a Reverse Walker was suggested.

For the past four years he has been attending Iqra Public School, and presently he is a first grade pupil there. His mother says “Today, after nine years of struggle, he is able to walk independently for a while. He has come a long way in achieving a few milestones, and has miles to go before he achieves them all”. 


Encouragement, support and guidance motivates Shahin Parveen to dream like any other girl of her age

Five year old Shahin Parveen comes from a poor family. During one regular home visits, Shahin was identified with brittle bones that restricted her mobility. She was unable to walk and would drag herself to move around in home. As such, her social life was limited to the four walls of her home. Like any other kid, she had dreams of making new friends and play with them. Unable to do so, Shahin started slipping into depression.

Her left leg was deformed and there was no possibility to correct her deformity through any surgery. After a series of assessment sessions, the appropriate assistive device for her could be suggested. She was provided with bilateral Ortho-Prosthesis, auxiliary crutches and walker. Apart from this, she also received therapy interventions and guidance. She gained confidence gradually and her social life was improving too.

The next phase was to encourage her to enrol in school. To make things easy, Makatab E. Primary school was made accessible. Finding new fiends and interacting with them helped her widen her horizon. She was seen participating in extra-curricular activities.

 Currently Shahin is able to perform all her activities independently. She can climb two to three steps which was at a point only a dream. She studies in class six at Moulana Hasraat Mohani Memorial Girls High School, Garden Reach, Kolkata. Support and encouragement helped Shahin to improve her functional ability and continue her studies like any other girl of her age. 


Roopa’s Inspiring Progress

Twelve year old Roopa studies in 5th standard at GLPS Mariyala Hundi. Children have one or more favourite teachers in school and so does Roopa. If we look back at Roopa’s life, we are certain to understand why she adores her teacher Suneethamma. 

Roopa, the second born to her parents was unable to speak till six years and was completely dependent on her mother for daily living activities. On assessment she was identified with mental retardation and speech impairment.

Though Roopa got admitted in school, initially community members and teachers were apprehensive regarding her ability to study. During that time, MI intervened and oriented her parents to initiate Activities of Daily Living for Roopa.

With the support from Education Department of Chamrajnagar, orientation programme for teachers on effective implementation of inclusive education was conducted. The programme has formulated an individual education plan according to Roopa’s abilities.

In the meantime Suneethamma’s capability to see beyond Roopa’s impairment has helped her receive individual attention for her learnings. Roopa has shown significant improvement in her studies and is also an active participant in extra-curricular activities.

MI wishes Roopa a bright future ahead.