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Case study 2

Case study 2

Sterla Mary: Never Too Late To Start Afresh 

Every parent dreams their child to have good health, happiness, education and an opportunity to succeed in life. Israel and Sobha were no different to dream the same for their daughter Sterla Mary. She lives in the LR Nagar slum in Bangalore with her parents and a younger sister.

Israel works day and night to keep a roof over his family. Affording the household needs, education of the younger child and medical expenses of Sterla became a challenge for him. He was clueless and unsure of the future of Sterla.

She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. At the age of two she was identified by MI. During that time she hardly had neck control, leave alone sitting and standing. Corner seat was provided to improve her sitting posture. Through regular therapy exercises, she was able to sit with wall support at the age of 3 and without support at 4

The next goal was to help Sterla stand with support. In order to facilitate this, assistive devices such as standing frame, Bilateral Ankle Foot Orthosis and walker were provided. Therapy interventions continued to make Sterla independent in activities of daily living.

Observing her gradual improvement, she was provided a wheelchair. Recently she started accompanying her family to the church in her wheelchair. With the walker, she takes a stroll in the streets every morning and evening.

Her therapist says “She can stand for a while without support now. Our next goal for her will be to make her stand on her own without any assistance”.

Sterla’s mother, a visibly happy and hopeful Sobha, states “Previously my daughter used to be in a lying position all the time. Now she has started showing signs of improvement. I really appreciate MI’s support. Soon we are planning to enrol Sterla in school”. 


Brave Meharunnisa dares to take risks in her life 

Thirty two years old Meharunnisa is grateful to MI for the services she received when she was unable to walk. She lives with her husband and daughter in Garden Reach, Kolkata. Today she is full of confidence and overwhelmed to express her happiness and joys when she meets MI’s team from Regional Resource Centre, Kolkata.

Meharunnisa was diagnosed for TB meningitis past nine years. During her treatment, she was in coma for a month. Her stay in the hospital prolonged as she was feeble and weak. Both her knees had tightness which led to contracture making it difficult for her to stand and walk. People were looking at her with sympathy but no one stayed beside her and consoled her. During this period she went through a lot of negative feeling and hatred towards life.

February 2015, she came to MI’s field office along with her husband. There she shared that she is not able to stand and walk since nine years. Twice a week therapy sessions and the home based exercises improved her condition in a far better pace. She practiced walking with the elbow crutches up to short distances.

By EID in July she was a completely transformed woman. She went on to market to purchase the essentials for EID. There was nothing to hold her back afterwards. She took brave steps to go to another bazaar which is around 100 kms away. Her confidence has been gradually improving.  


Case Study of Emanuel 

Emanuel attended a workshop conducted by MI in Kolkata, while working in Baptist Christian Hospital (BCH). During the workshop, he was suggested to take up the Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant (RTA) course at MI. After successful completion of the course, he started working in the RTA section at BCH.

 “I was not much sure about how to identify people with disabilities and how therapy is provided. The RTA course at MI has equipped me with vast knowledge, exposure and expertise in my work” he recalls.

Presently he is working with over twenty one children and thirty one adults with disabilities. 

He stressed “We should reach out to more and more people with disability and spread awareness among them about their rights”.