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testimonials 2

“Words fail to express my appreciation for the high quality of care and service provided by Mobility India staff, which has a positive impact on peoples’ lives even beyond those it directly serves. My unbounded optimism keeps me going. Thank you for touching my life in so many ways. ” Kenneth Mark Cunningham, Dept In-charge Transport, Khoday India Ltd, Bengaluru/ MI Service User

“I hold Rehan’s hand and take him to school every day. He is able to walk with a little help. He has learnt to write simple English words. As soon as Rehan is back from school, he wants to complete his home assignments. Whether it is ‘joining the dots’ or ‘forming simple words’, Rehan tries doing it all by himself. Recently he has also learnt to button his shirt himself. All this has been possible only due to MI’s intervention.”  Yasmeen, Mother of Rehan, from CBR project area, Bengaluru

“The conference was fruitful and informative to all of us working in the field of rehabilitation, especially in the rural areas. The conference was well planned and well executed. Working in the field of disability is easy in our country, but working for the cause of action to enlighten the potential and skills for qualitative life of persons with disabilities is far difficult.”   Asmita and Jitendra Kumar, SAARC Conference on ‘Best Practices in Rehabilitation’ attendee

“My daughter is diagnosed with ‘Non-compressive progressive myelopathy’ due to which her mobility is restricted within the house on a wheel chair. We are not able to take her anywhere to show the outside world either by auto or car, since she is not able to stand on her own, let alone walk. I have been using MI’s accessible mobile services for taking her to hospitals. Every time I call MI to book a taxi, I get a smiling and positive response. I am grateful to MI and want to place my sincere appreciation for the valuable services they are rendering to the differently abled people towards making their life comfortable.”  Ramakrishna Manja, MI Mobile Taxi Service User, Basaveshwaranagar, Bengaluru

“It all started with a visit to MI with the corporate social responsibility team few years back with colleagues. It has been so fulfilling and engaging to be able to volunteer for Mobility India. From painting developmental aids, driving volunteering, organising events, to simply photographing, it has been a wonderful feeling. Met amazing personalities, made lifelong friends, some more than special….. Thank you Mobility India”  Ajit Kumar Singh, Accenture Employee/ MI volunteer

“Mobility India has helped me to take little steps towards big achievements. I have been given appropriate assistive device, as well as been provided with technical training as a rehabilitation assistant. I have advanced through several positions within MI. I appreciate all the opportunities Mobility India has provided me. Mobility India is a precious Gift from God.  Leelavati, Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant, Mobility India

“This was a show where the performers showed us that you do not need legs to dance, nor do you need ears to hear music. The ‘Dazzling Dance on Wheels’ show on the occasion of Mobility India’s 20th Anniversary, left all of us in the audience, blessed with all faculties – speechless!”   Ruth Dsouza Prabhu, Freelance Journalist, ‘Dazzling Dance on Wheels’ attendee

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