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testimonial 2

“Mobility India” is doing excellent work for the cause of disabled persons. They are helping them to lead their normal life”.

G. S. Arora/Under Secretary/Government of India

“Very Inspiring! You all should be very proud of the help & support you are providing and the difference you are making in people’s lives. Congratulations!”

Ginger Dusek/Senior Managing Director/Accenture

“The passion, commitment and energy you all give is inspiring and humbling. I am in awe of what you all do!”

Mark Beaton/Senior Managing Director/Accenture

“You are doing such wonderful work, touching so many lives in an incredible way”

Ginny Ziegler/Board of Director San Francisco/Accenture

“Thank you for giving back to the community. Truly inspiring!”

Deepa Fazari/Managing Director Washington DC/Accenture

“Thank you for taking so much time to show me the project funded by ANCP. A great project for disability inclusiveness in India. Keep up the good work”

Heather Rich/Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade/Australian Aid Program/Australia

“It was a great experience, very knowledgeable and inspirational. Learnt how to treat Persons with Disabilities especially visually impaired persons. I really appreciate your efforts”

Sama Rahman/Student/Baldwin Girls High School

“Highly impressed with services being rendered by MI. We are also very happy to see the commitment of your staff”

R Satishan/Sr. DGM HR/BHEL Electronics Division

“I feel honoured and content visiting Mobility India. They are doing great services to the society through their vision for empowered and inclusive community. BHEL commits to support such great initiatives in future also on a sustainable basis through our Corporate Social Responsibility”

R. K. Tiwari/Executive Director/BHEL Electronics Division

 “Truly impressed with your facility. Please keep up the excellent job being currently done”

Larsen & Turbo Limited

“We are pained but glad visited your organisation. You helped us seeing the whole process & rehabilitation centre. Very meaningful human service”

Savithri V Swamy/President/Lions Club Sadashivnagar

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