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COVID 19 did have an impact across the world.  The COVID-19 pandemic is already having devastating consequences affecting health and disrupting the livelihood, education, and overall wellbeing of people with disabilities, children, and older people.  The pandemic will leave many people without caregivers, out of school, and in danger.  And as poverty deepens, the families least able to cope will be hit first and hardest

While Mobility India is doing all we can to protect those closest to us, vulnerable families cannot be forgotten as the entire world battles to contain the outbreak of coronavirus.

Mobility India has launched an appeal –to protect the families of people with disabilities who are at higher risk of contracting the virus and developing severe complications from the effects of Coronavirus.

It is only by coming together that we can help families get through this, and we must act now.  We need your urgent support.  Please give to our Coronavirus Emergency appeal.

Areas to give your Gift Cost
Ration 1800
Nutritious kits for Children 450
Preventive Health Kit 1500
Medicine support for PWDS 1000
Assistive devices 7000