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1st E-Course in India on WHO “Wheelchair Service Training Package” (WSTP) starts from March 5, 2017 at Bangalore


Wheelchair is one of the most common assistive devices. According to the estimates, 70 million people worldwide require wheelchairs, yet only 5-15% have access to it. People in developing countries; mostly depend on the donated wheelchairs, which are not designed to suit the individual as well as environmental needs. Health and rehabilitation professionals are always not adequately trained to ensure assessment and prescription of a quality wheelchair. All these factors contribute towards the underdeveloped wheelchair service provision.

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) highlights the responsibility of states to ensure personal mobility and to promote the availability of and access to such devices.   

Following the release of the Guidelines on the Provision of Manual wheelchairs in less resourced settings in 2008, WHO in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), has initiated the development of Wheelchair Service Training Package (WSTP) for different levels of personnel.

Following the Agreed List of WHO Priority Assistive Products (APL) release during the “Consensus meeting for Priority Assistive Products List” on 21 and 22 March 2016, WHO, Geneva, Switzerland, Mobility India found that the need of promoting the knowledge of wheelchairs in less resourced setting.


  1. Ensure the access of prescribed wheelchairs for the needy
  2. Ensure wheelchair users to receive training on the wheelchair usage, maintenance and how to remain healthy in a wheelchair
  3. Create a resource pool of healthcare and rehabilitation professionals in the Basic level of Wheelchair Service Delivery
  4. Improve competency of wheelchair service providers, ultimately ensuring better wheelchair service delivery
  5. Achieve greater integration of Wheelchair Service Delivery into Rehabilitation services


The Wheelchair Service Training Package-Basic Level is the first of the planned series of trainings aiming at promoting improved wheelchair service delivery. 

Training Structure: This course is designed into two stages.

The stage one is e-course starts from 5th March 2017, where the candidates will start facilitated learning through online. The resources will be shared by trainers, followed by discussion and weekly knowledge evaluation. On successful completion of stage one, the participants will be eligible for stage two.

The stage two is hands on training, scheduled from 13-15 April 2017, where the participants will have to be present at Mobility India, Bangalore. During this process the participants will get chance to practice the delivery of appropriate wheelchairs to people/children with disabilities. 

In completion of two stages the candidates are eligible to attend online ISWP examination and to receive attendance certificate.

We hope to see the Wheelchair Service Training Package delivered as both a stand-alone short course for personnel already working in the field; and integrated into the curriculum of rehabilitation personnel training programmes.

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