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Upcoming Event 2

4th CRE on “Positional Devices for Children with Developmental Disorders” on  29 – 31 August, 2017 at Mobility India


Nearly 4 to 5 million children in India experience developmental delay due to Cerebral Palsy (a condition of brain damage due to oxygen deprivation) and an array of other neurological conditions. Most of these children (around 70%) live in the rural and remote places, without any awareness and access to possible preventive and rehabilitative services.

Not only is the insufficient awareness, financial hardship also a huge contributing factor for them to live in ignorance, restricting their basic opportunities. The availability of the healthcare/rehabilitative services are also urban based. There are inadequate professionals with requisite training to cater to the need.

Without on-time intervention, these children end up with various developmental issues, consequently losing opportunity to access education and other basic needs. They become completely dependent on their family or care givers, event for the basic daily activities.

MI’s Initiative:

MI has been conducting CRE programs to equip professionals for a better service provision of a range of positional devices.

The 4th CRE is scheduled from 29th-31st August, 2017 at Mobility India. Hands on skills, evidence based practice and adult learning methodology are the highlights of the workshop. The target group of participants includes Prosthetists, Orthotists, Physio & Occupational Therapists as well as special educators and students.

The workshop aims to cover trends in developmental delay, postural management, postural deviation, Gross Motor Function Classification, introduction and steps of postural management services, assessment, fabrication and importance of follow up actions. 

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