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Environmental Day Celebrations with Children with Disabilities

World Environment Day Celebrations marked on 5th June each year, aims at spreading the awareness and message to protect the unique and life nurturing Nature and Planet Earth. The 2016 theme was “fight against the illegal trade in wildlife e for life”.

The day was celebrated across MI projects, in Kolkata and Chamrajngar district involving school going children and children with disabilities from the community and education centres. 11 children from the Outreach program, Kolkata along with 5 staff members from MIRRC commemorated the day with staffs of Indian Museum. Children enjoyed the participatory workshop on music, photography, art, clay modelling and Origami. The program was presided by Mr Dibendu Barua – eminent chess player, Mr. Param Brata Chatterjee – actor, Mr. Sanatan Dinda – artist and Mr. Anil Sukhdeo – environment specialist. They shared various environmental issues, their work experience in environment protection.

A drawing competition was held at Chamrajnagar, organised by District Environment pollution control Board and District Education Department for the school children, including those with disabilities. 700 students participated, among them 135 students were from Community Education Centres of MI operational in Chamrajnagar district. 

Workshop on ‘Measurement and Preparation of Positioning Devices’ at Research Academy for Rural Enrichment, Odisha

MIRRC in collaboration with local NGOs has been conducting a series of workshops for the community facilitators and personnel involved in rehabilitation services. The various positional devices, their importance for Children with Cerebral Palsy, Delayed Development, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy and acquired injuries are the agenda of the workshops.

Though the rehabilitation and community personnel are aware of the positioning devices, fabricating the devices and working closely with the persons with disabilities has been emerging as a challenge. To acter to this scenario, MIRRC in association with one of its partner organization Research Academy for Rural Enrichment (RARE) organised a workshop on ‘Measurement and Preparation of Positioning Devices for Community Facilitators’ at Sonepur, Odisha.

The 17 participants were being explained the importance of proper positioning to maintain skeletal alignment, correct skeletal deformity, promoting functions, comfort and relaxation. Participants learned to perform assessment to identify the need of the user, taking measurement for the fabrication of the devices. By the conclusion of the workshop, 2 Standing Frames and 3 Special Chairs were fabricated by the participants and provided to the service users.

Initiatives for Empowerment of the Visually Impaired in Chamrajnagara 

Mobility India launched an initiative aiming at provision of rehabilitation services to all people with visual impairment and low vision. The objectives of the initiative are awareness generation in the community, capacity building of various stakeholders, ensuring quality education for children with visual impairment, access to social security schemes and entitlements.

As a part of the initiative, a survey was conducted to identify people with visual impairment as well as low vision in MI’s community projects of Chamrajangara. As estimated there are around 175 people with visual impairment while the statistics for low vision is 186.

To benefit the children with visual impairment, sensitization programs were conducted, rehabilitative measures taken. Along with this, braille labelling was done in school premises to ensure accessibility for visually impaired students. Students are also encouraged to participate in recreational activities and accompanied for exposure visits.

Mobility training with white canes, skill training to enhance employability of visually impaired adults are conducted. They are oriented about the available services, prospects of better income generation and other entitlements.

The initiative plans to undertake training for women with visual impairment, imparting braille education for children and adults as well as taking measures to ensure accessibility for visually impaired at all levels in all aspects. 

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