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Introduction on Prosthetics & Orthotics:

Prosthetics and Orthotics courses instruct students in the principles of designing and fabricating prostheses and orthoses, developing patient evaluation skills and creating individualized treatment plans. Patient volunteers participate throughout the span of the program allowing students to gain practical experience in all aspects of the clinician-patient experience.

Who are Prosthetists & Orthotists:

Prosthetists & Orthotists are qualified Allied Health Professionals who assess and treat the physical and functional limitations of people resulting from illnesses and disabilities, including limb amputations. They are trained to prescribe, design, fit and monitor Prostheses & Orthoses.

Who are Rehabilitation Therapy Assistant:

They are second generation health care professionals working with physically challenged, ageing population in regaining their physical, social and mental abilities. Through various therapeutic interventions, their focus is on enhancing functionalities.

Role of Rehabilitation Therapy Assistants:

  • Implementing the rehabilitation program as directed by physiotherapist or occupational therapist
  • Orientation on group and individual exercise programs
  • Mobility training on usage of wheelchair and other assistive devices
  • Instructing patients in self-care and instrumental activities of daily living
  • Assisting in making, modifying and adapting self-help devices and equipment.

The Training Programs are :

Workshop and Seminars:

      • Wheelchair Service Training Package –

                                                                        Basic Level
                                                                        Intermediate Level
                                                                        Manager Level

      • Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR)

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