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Research & Development

Ensuring a good quality of life for persons with disabilities greatly relies on the follow-up rehabilitation services offered. This, in turn, substantially depends on continuous generation of new ideas and innovative approaches. MI’s R&D programme has been envisaged with this requirement in view. The R&D Unit undertakes design and development of low-cost, light-weight and user-friendly prosthetic & orthotic components as well as relevant machinery and tools.

MI’s well-equipped workshops, manned by experienced technicians, produce a wide range of quality, affordable prosthetic & orthotic components and mobility aids, based on the simplest to the most advanced of technologies. Over the years, many of these products developed by MI have won national and international acclaim as well as a wider user acceptance.

MI also operates a Jaipur Foot Production Unit (JFPU), managed solely by women with disabilities. The JFPU products are popularly used not only in India but also in a dozen other developing countries.

MI’s production activities are supported by domestic and international promotional networks.

MI’s recent R&D achievements/ work in progress include

  • Development, field testing and popularisation of a new stainless steel orthotic knee joint with design specified to weight resistance and increased angle of flexion at 130 degrees at the knee;
  • Modification of the existing PU ankle joint used in callipers, with a highly functional design;
  • Development of an alternative wooden ankle block for the Jaipur Foot, with a layered structure and extended keel, to render it stronger and lighter; and
  • Designing of a new version of modular trans-tibial components with a secured locking mechanism.