Pandemic or no pandemic the vibrant smile on Saba’s face was saying it all. Standing independently for the first time on both legs is an amazing feeling and that was evident from her sparkling eyes.

Looking into this special incident over 1000 km away, on the computer screen made all of us in Mobility India, Bangalore, cheer as we were witnessing something that was being considered impossible just a few weeks earlier. The first step taken by Saba on the artificial limb made us feel victorious- Technology can enable every solution- the power to bridge the gaps.

Saba, a 5 years old girl with high aspirations lives in Vishakhapatnam. Born without right leg hips down had left her parents helpless. Her father works as a small tailor and the family depends on the meager wage. They never had any idea that an artificial limb (prostheses) could give mobility to their child.​                                                                                                                                                                                                                view full story. 

MI appeals to everyone reading this piece to come forward and support Saba, for her to go to school, study, and secure a safe future- becoming a responsible citizen of the country

  1.  EDUCATION                     Rs. 65000/
  2.  ASSISTIVE DEVICE           Rs. 7000/- per person